When is the 2023 Dog Chow Visible Impact Award contest entry period?

What are the rules for the Visible Impact Award?

Who can nominate a service dog for the award?

How can I nominate a service dog for the award?

How many dogs can I nominate?

Are photos required?

Are videos required?

Can I change my entry after I submit It?

Can I use a professional photo or video?

Who should be in the photo?

Can my photos or video have logos or trademarks showing?

How should the service dog should be shown in photos?

Can I use filters?

How do I know my entry worked?

Who picks the winner?

Are early submissions given more consideration?

What will the winner receive?

Do finalists win anything if they are not the top vote earner?

Do the organizations that trained the finalists receive anything?

How will you contact the finalists?

How will you contact the winner?

How do I vote for the Visible Impact Award winner?

How many times can I vote for a finalist?

Does my vote help provide more veterans with PTSD service dogs?